Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just about back underway...

The team is back underway, for the most part, though at this very moment back in some N-NW winds that call for sea anchor again. As noted earlier, this should be over tomorrow for more steady progress.

For the record, about 7 hours ago, they crossed the exact place in the ocean where they were 3 days and 16 hours earlier.  So we have lost that much to these bad winds, simple as that.

For now we do not see anything like that in the future, but it is a good example of what can happen, and has to be folded into the equation of what might happen if another front passes by them... Granted however that this last event was an unusual circumstance.  But they also had a bit of an unusual circumstance just after the departure.  No one can say they are having good luck on the weather.

They were at the cross over point at 0400 on Mar 11 and again at 2000 on Mar 14.

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