Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coastal currents off of Miami

As we get closer to the Bahamas we need to start thinking about crossing the Gulf Stream east of Miami.  On a first look, we see something interesting, but not yet sure it is real, namely a large pocket of light current due east of Miami.

We will have to watch this over several days ( 5 or 6) to see if this persists. Not sure it will matter but it is definitely interesting.

The data are from the HF Radar measurements of University of Miami.

View the video in full screen and watch inside the blue box.  The currents in this box are either light, or actually flowing west, the direction we are going!

We will have to watch this.  It could all be a complete fluke.... or even an artifact of the radar equipment... ie some sort of shadow.  This we should be able to learn by calling the folks who run the equipment.

On the  current page link above, you can click an arrow for more current data, then click a history button for more info.

If any one wants to study this, we welcome your results.  thanks.

For an overview of ocean and coastal currents see links at:

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