Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday March 8 Progress Report and Forecast

pins mark 00z positions each day

JRH position
22:40 Mar 08 UTC
19.9596 N, 47.4486 W

2h SMG=3.0kts, CMG=309
24h SMG=2.9kts, CMG=297

1839.64 nmi to Miami........... at 2.0 kts = 38 days...... at 3.0 = 26 days

About to cross 20N, and past halfway done by 90% of the ways to define halfway, and tomorrow some time, past all 100% of the ways…. not to mention that the Americas have been the closest actual possible destination since getting 100 miles past Cape Verdes, about a month ago. It is just that Miami seems like a nicer destination now than it did 1 month ago.

* * *  and with a new record day of progress 2.9 kts at 297T

Multiple Congratulations!

There is some strong wind north west of the boat and moving this way, but the bulk of it seems to be passing north of the boat. Below shows the winds they might get over the next week as this frontal system goes by.

This will help them north for a while, but then most likely slow them down a bit when the wind veers around to the west. For now it looks like it would only be strong westerly for a couple days. So there might be time to hang out the sea anchor and get some laundry done after the past week of big push.

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