Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Curent action on the horizon

Check the daily current updates to see that there is a large eddy ahead of the boat, and you can scroll down the images to see that if all stays the same, the boat will enter this current on feb 7 at 00z, which is thursday, feb 6 at roughly 4pm seattle time.

 This is worth noting for a couple reasons.

First it might be our first real check of these current predictions, and second, it could be a very nice ride for the rowers. The red parts in the GE picture are 4 to 5 kts, so keep tuned in. Thursday is the big day.

The pictures below are the RTOFS predictions initialized 00z on Feb 5, valid for 00z on Feb 7 .

Note that the rowers have to hold the excellent  course they have been making.  If they fall off to 275 T they will miss the big red bus.

If they do hit the current it looks to be SW, but if they keep rowing 2+ kt to 300 T or so, they will make great progress to the west, and maybe even get to ride it up the other side.

The big picture


  1. Feb 6... still looks about the same, though the boat is getting pushed SW today along the edge of this eddy, so they will have to row hard to keep north enough to get into the main good water.

  2. 20z 2/7 just got word that seas are bad so they have to go on sea anchor. seems a clear sign they are on the edge of the eddy. winds are moderate from NE yet seas confused, reflects strong current crossing the wind wave angle.

  3. drifting south till day break on the sea anchor. Strong currents can make big waves, which are hard to see at night.